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The World's Best Historians.

LetThemTalk.com approached France's foremost historians to help us record our Paris audio tours. Unfortunately they all told us to go away (although those weren't their precise words) but never mind help was at hand. We stumbled across David and Miyuki drinking cafes noisettes at a corner cafe who, having nothing much else on that afternoon, ventured out along with Gideon to discover Paris and transcribe its history.


It's The Talk of Paris

These Paris walking tours are aimed at tourists and anybody who has an interest in the history of Paris. Each tour lasts about 20 minutes and is in MP3 format. If you are in Paris the best was to listen is to download to your ipod or MP3 player print out the route map and follow the tour. Our tours are in English but we to record guides in other languages soon.


Informal but Historical

Our Paris walks contain a lot of history but we've tried to keep them as informal and light-hearted as possible. Unlike so many other audio tours, these are recorded on site so don't expect studio quality sound. If you have any comments or suggestions about the tours please email audiotours@letthemtalk.com


And the great thing is that these Paris audio tours are free! So enjoy.


Your Tour Guides

Your tour guides Gideon, Miyuki and David prepare to record their first Paris audio tour in the Place des Vosges.

David runs a creative writing workshop at Shakespeare's bookshop every Saturday afternoon at 3pm.

The Other Writers' Group



The Audio Tours

Paris audio tour 1: Marais, Place des Vosges

The first Paris walk, but they didn't walk very far. Discover the fascinating history of Place Des Vosges, the most beautiful square in Paris. Recorded in the Place des Vosges itself November 2006.

Paris audio tour 2: Le Marais, Interview with David Lebovitz

food writer and celebrity blooger joins Gideon, Miyuki and David and shows us his Marais. find out his recommendations for restaurants, ice cream, deserts, boulangeries in and around the Marais. Plus much more in this humorous but informative interview. Recorded at Cafe Hugo, Place des Vosges 26/11/06

Paris audio tour 3: Around the Marais, Past and present

Your tour guides trudge through in the pouring rain and encounter a nighbourhood with a rich and fascinating past and a lively present. Find out how to order a coffee and a chocolate cake in Swedish, where George Orwell pawned his raincoat, how Friday 13th became an unlucky date and much more

Paris audio tour 4: The Heart of the Marais

The Marais tour continues with a trip to the Mariage Freres tea shop, The Lizard Lounge anglophone bar, and David gobbles down a falafel on rue de Rosiers. Your guides discover the Jewish quarter and discuss its history in Paris and much more.

Paris audio tour 5........

Paris audio tour 6.......

Paris audio tour 7


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