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A French Class in Paris with a difference. Every Sunday (and sometimes in midweek) in the café at a different location every month.
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French en conversation course Paris A French Course in The Cafe of Paris
Cafe Conversation takes place int the cafes of Paris. Join us for this highly original French conversation class even if you are in Paris for a weekend.


Enjoy 2 hours of French conversation practice in an informal environment at the café

Cafe Conversation is a French conversation group that meets several times a week and at weekends in a cafe in central Paris. 

This will be an opportunity for French learners of all levels to practise their French and have a native speaker correct their mistakes and help improve your French language skills.


The course is 100% in French! There is NO English at the course. This is NOT a language exchange meetup 

At the course you will speak French, French and only French (if you are looking for a English/French language exchange in Paris you can find many elsewhere on the internet).

This group is for non-native French speakers learning French.

The cafe that we use will change reglularly (suggestions welcome).


The group will be lead by a group leader (an animator/animatrice) who is a native French speakerPlaces are limited! We want to keep the group small so everyone has a chance to speak.

Although this should be an enjoyable event we take learning French seriously so you might want to bring a pen and some paper to make notes and a dictionary.


For information on prices and in order to reserve go to our meetup web page.

How To Participate
Paris Cafe Conversation Frenchsimply go to our meetup page and join the group

Table one with Ivan

A recent Cafe Conversation French group meet up in Paris


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